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Genre: Film & Animation

Family friendly? Yes

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Lost Legends Films

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Shared January 6, 2017

Papyrus and Sans attempt to help a kid.

Original channel's audio: Lets Voice Undertale
Link to their channel:

Based on the comic by: Sane Soldier

Programs used:

Toon Boom Harmony 12 Essentials, Advanced, and Premium (trials and license)


Cyberlink Powerdirector 14

Voice Casting:

Papyrus\Sans: Sean Chiplock (@sonicmega)
Undyne: Kelcie Gilmore (@neomyotismon)
Toriel: Jane Redd (@redasatomato)
Alphys - Johanna Källström (JKchaan)
Asgore - Chris Fiagome (JAR)
Monster Kid - SaiyanSerenityV
Flowey - Chris Tout (@Faulerro)

Animation: Benjamin R. Leffler
Writing & Direction: Sean Chiplock (@sonicmega)
Audio Editing/Mastering/FX: @dbaudiaga (Twitter)
Music ( c ) tobyfox, Capcom, 4 Non Blondes​...

Animator's Notes:

This took a lot longer than it needed to. I was very off and on with this animation, but in the end it was finally finished. This is the first of the 3 Undertale themed main projects that I have planned and I will be working on the second one in the near future.