CRYSTAL PULVERIZING SPELL (Hurt Incantation)| svtfoe (animatic)

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Shared April 8, 2019

Two years - two animatics...Yeap, I'm very productive

Actually, this video wasn't planned. I didn’t want to draw more animatics about Meteora or Eclipsa (I'm just tired of drawing them in "Open Up Your Eyes"). But then I heard this song from Tangled and remembered the Crystal Pulverizing Spell from the Book of Spells ... Besides, I 'm waiting for the release of Globgor (I hope he is a real evil) ... And I made this video

Actually now I’m drawing an animatic about Toffee (you can see a small part of it at the end. I decided to add it because the video is very short ... especially for a one-year break. I don’t know when I’ll finish it. Last days I don't have enough time for drawing, but I hope to do it before the final of svtfoe

I hope you enjoy!

/ Sorry if my english sounds strange. I used Google Translate /


- Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure - The Hurt Incantation

-The Hurt Incantation (Tangled) Full Version - Piano Karaoke Instrumental【Annapantsu Version】by spywi

Program used:
- PaintToolSAI 2.0
- Sony Vegas Pro 11

The music and the characters belong to their owners. I only own the drawings.

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