EREN vs The WARHAMMER Titan!! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Breakdown

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Shared January 17, 2021

This video explains episode 6 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Eren faces off against the Warhammer titan! During this episode, the identity of the Warhammer titan is revealed and the aftermath of the ‘declaration of war’ continues. Eren is supported on his rampage by the scouts, who Eren had been contacting via the letters Falco sent for him. Levi and Mikasa Ackerman also make big moves to save Eren (as usual).

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AOT S4 episode 6 was called The Warhammer Titan. Eren starts off by eating Willy Tybur, which was his attempt to steal the warhammer titan. As the head of the Tybur family, Willy was assumed by Eren to be the possessor of the warhammer but this was not the case. Later on, the true identity of the warhammer titan is revealed, and it was the younger sister of Willy Tybur. While we don’t know her name, she was in the background when the Tybur’s paid Commander Magath a visit.

As the warhammer titan begins to manifest, we get a look at the firsts of it’s unique abilities, which is seen as it manifests from the ground upwards. Every other titans shifter in the series always manifested from the nape area because that’s where the holder of the titan shifter is located, but the warhammer breaks this tradition, as the user can choose to encase themselves in a nearly unbreakable crystal instead. This crystal is identical to the one that Annie trapped herself in and there is a cable connecting the crystal to the warhammer titan, meaning that willy tybur’s sister can remotely operate it.

The warhammer titan begins the real fight back by generating a spikey pillar to pierce through the attack titan, leaveing Eren hanging quite high up in the air. The Warhammer’s signature ability enables it to use a special type of titan hardening, with which it can create structures that shoot out the ground or weapons that manifest in its hands. This hardening also provides a thin layer of protection around it’s flesh, which is why it looks like it’s wearing a mask. Whilst Eren is suspended in the air, Willy’s sister conjures up that iconic warhammer and attempts to destroy the attack titan but Eren escapes by destroying the pillar with his own hardened fists.

The anime gives us an update on Pieck and Porco, who were trapped in this hole by an unidentified marlyean soldier. They can hear the sounds of titans fighting above, but were unable to escape the hole because it was too cramped to turn into a titan. Both are saved by the panzer team.

When Willy and Magath first met, Willy stated that Marley was in need of another hero like Helos and now Magath is trying to fulfil that role.

When looking at Mikasa’s new design, her hair has gotten significantly shorter. Isayama revealed in an interview a couple years ago, that Mikasa had her long hair in a ponytail an accidentally cut the knot, which resulted in what you see before you.

On the main battlefield, the warhammer titan pulls itself back together, and generates a functional crossbow made from titan hardening. Mikasa is majorly stressing out the warhammer titan whilst keeping it distracted, giving Eren enough time to work out it’s secret. He already knew the user is not in titans neck, and deduces that the real warhammer, is near the location where it first materialised. The thick cable connecting the crystal to the titan is exposed which leads eren to finding the crystal containing willy tybyr’s sister.

Just before this Levi makes his first cameo of the new season, standing on top of the structure that the warhammer previously used to attack Eren. Levi is the only scout who stuck with his swords instead of bringing a firearm and this turned out to be a genius decision based on what happened next.

We saw that Porco was eager to join the fight, and as Eren is about to eat the warhammer titan, he finally arrives, sneaking up behind eren and attempting to steal the founding titan. The jaw titan’s mouth is incredibly powerful, so if he’d had taken a full bite there would’ve been nothing Eren could realistically do to stop it. Thankfully Levi was able to cut through the muscle of the Jaw titans mouth, which prevented Porco from clamping down.

What was funny was just how terrified he was of Levi once he realised it was him, like you’d think he’d seen another titan shifter or something the way he was running away.