Overgrowth - Flowerfell [1/3]

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Shared May 21, 2016

The original text of this fanfic has been deleted for public viewing by the author. You can get access to read it by supporting him on Patreon for $1: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3058828

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When I first started uploading videos (which is a terrifyingly short time ago, now that I think about it), there were two fanfictions I knew I wanted to read. The first was FINAGLC, and the second was this one. It's taken me some time to get to it, but here we finally are!

This one will come in three parts, the next two parts coming out over the next two weeks. FINAGLC will remain on schedule (well, as "on schedule" as it's ever been, uploading somewhere between Monday and Wednesday). I did the backdrop art myself, I wish I'd spent a bit more time on it, but honestly I was too excited to get this one out to do more, lol. There will be opportunities to improve, though.

For the record, there's supposed to be a sort of caustic light effect going on in the lit area, but it doesn't seem to have shown up very well in the final render.

Overgrowth was written by SociopathicArchangel on archiveofourown.org. Undertale and all of its characters belong to Toby Fox. The Flowerfell AU was created by http://siviosanei.tumblr.com/​ and https://underfart-snas.tumblr.com/