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The Red Plumbob

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Shared April 12, 2017

Hello everyone!

This is a brief comparison of Aliens in the 3 latest Sim games.

Aliens made their first appearance in Sims 2 and ever since they've been making comebacks in expansions and they're one of the most iconic supernatural creatures the sims series has to offer.

In this comparison I'm going to cover the most basic aspects which for me were the male pregnancy, the way they grow up, their abilities, looks, heritage, and other random details like being able to contact them or the worlds that have anything to do with them.

My Opinion?

Sims 2: Since they were included in the base game there's no much to them, their conception and birth is the most exciting part of their life if you ask me but then again, it was included in the base game so there wasn't much to expect.

Sims 3: When I first got seasons the last thing I looked at were aliens, I didn't care, I thought they would be something similar to Sims 2 so for me this is the first time I ever got to play with Aliens in the Sims 3 and I was really surprised to see just how much effort they put into them. All the interactions and abilities are very fun. The things one can do with the UFO is what caught my eye. Being able to cause an invasion is just too darn fun!

Sims 4: These aliens came in Get To Work and I love the fact that they have a disguise and can fool even players, they're very fun to play with and they have far more customization but I do wish they could use their UFO like in Sims 3, however, they fixed this by actually visiting Sixam.

So for me it'd be a mix of Sims 2's cut-scenes with Sims 3's abilities, space car and jobs mixed with Sims 4's disguise, customization, and ability to actually visit Sixam.

But that's just my opinion, be sure to share yours ;)


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