Inside the Capitol Hill Riots

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Shared January 9, 2021

This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.
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4 weeks ago | [YT] | 193

Amin M

Due to travel restrictions , America had to invade itself this year .

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 18,664

80.908 .00

What happened to “blue lives matter”

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 962


When Americans find out there's oil at the capital building

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 277

John Fox

I was there trying to hand out Pepsi's but they wouldn't stop rioting

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 809

J3t YT

"When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent." - Isaac Asimov

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 474

hello goodbye

Im honestly kind of embarrassed to be in America....

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 112

Electro Retro Gaming

funny how these "patriots" storm the capitol.

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 91

Stacie Hudson

I'm from Australia and seriously... your country is getting wild.

3 weeks ago | [YT] | 64

Tomas Viane

The anger was there long before Trump was president, but he expertly channeled it. He played them like a fiddle.

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 46

William Kreth

The Vice reporter and camera guy were better prepared than the police.....

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 2,553

Aaron E.

Never again can Republicans claim the moral high-ground!

3 weeks ago | [YT] | 30

snow snow

This is the result of an American education system. Stone Age.

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 243


1:24 when they ask you “Who you with?!”, just say “Vice, a company created by the founder of the Pround Boys, Gavin McInnes.”
They would let you stay if you said that.

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 242

I forgot My Name

Vox: why do the police in America look like soldiers

Washington DC police: bike helmets and construction uniforms

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 73

Joey Mayson

“It’s our country, we want it back”

Native Americans: Look who’s talking

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 9,125

Bob John

"Unprecedented violence" - meanwhile like 20 people shot during one blm riot

1 week ago | [YT] | 3


After watching national treasure movies as a kid I thought stealing the declaration of independence would be nearly impossible but now something tells me it's a lot easier than we think.

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 12


"It's our country and we want it back!" I think I hear laughter coming from reservations everywhere.

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 60


Now USA gonna invade themself due to "instability" in the region

4 weeks ago | [YT] | 50