The Sims is Destroying its Reputation with Some of its Biggest Fans

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Shared March 18, 2021

Peeking into Sims 4's history, we're definitely going to see a pattern of blunders that alienated a massive chunk of Sims players and led to this feeling that The Sims is never going to recover. I'm calling these players castaways and count myself as one of them. I've explored the earliest days and many bad launches, with so many things missing despite record demand on our wallets. I go on to explore where we are now, how EA is doing, and if there is even a problem on their end. They appear to be doing just fine.

The following names got cut off in the credits at the end of the video so I'd like to acknowledge them. Also, thanks to CmarNYC for Simripper, without whose excellent program many of my renders would not be so easy to toss together.

Sky Spider Girl
Sunshine Wolfe
Sylvia Sivley
The Booger-Boo
Tina Weaver
Victoria Cormie
Victoria Oosterhout
Wendy Hubble
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