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The Red Plumbob

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Shared October 3, 2019

Hello. This is the first time I feel like it's both a very long video and at the same time a loooot is missing, witches are one hell of a life-state. Just a little note, there is barely anything about spells in here so if you were looking forward to it you're not gonna find it, I may or may not upload a video for spells within the month.

This is a not so brief comparison of Witches / Warlocks / Spell-casters from Sims 2 apartment life, Sims 3 supernatural and recently Sims 4 realm of magic. Witches have gone from an accessory to an expansion, to one of the many supernaturals all the way to having their own game pack (now that I think about it, it's the exact same story with the vampires, so maybe werewolves or zombies are next?) so what do you think, are they worth it? I know I'm having lots of fun with them.

Now, I know I skipped a lot of stuff, namely Sims 1, but, only because I'm talking about witches as a lifestate here, Sims 1 had the magic but nothing witch specific, at first I was gonna include sims 1 to talk about spells but it got loooooong, so I decided to just cut all spells, cause honestly, I could make a 10 minute video talking about the spells in 1 game, I'm going to see if I can talk about spells or magic in my next video but seeing how extensive the topic is I won't guarantee anything.

This comparison will be the most basic aspects, which already are a lot, I couldn't touch much about the actual spells now how they all work differently. The aspects I compared are transformation, characteristics, magical worlds, wands, brooms, familiars, and a lot of both minuscule and big details in the extras. If there's one thing for sure is they all add a hell lot of gameplay.

So, what do you think?

My opinion?

Sims 2's expansions seemed like they always had an occult as extras, they weren't the focus but they did a solid job, I like their unique gameplay of good vs evil witches, it makes the whole thing feel like there are consequences to the player's choices and not just something to max out.

Sims 3's witches came along with a bunch of other supernaturals, their gameplay is simple enough but they did expand on alchemy a lot. I like aspects like their pets being the familiars and small details like how the brooms are used, how power backlash can result in death and how they have more customization in the wand and outfit department, gives you a chance to make the witches you like.

Sims 4 made a game pack special for witches, ak spell-casters, and I found it very fun, they took some of the best aspects in the previous entries and blended them together, there's even an effort to separate the kinds of magic, I like a lot about these, I like the familiars, I like the new worlds, I like the new animations, I like some of the new spells, but I do think once you start getting perks they quickly become too overpowered. There are no limits to them and i find that a little...boring? I may be alone in this one but that's how I feel.

So to me, Sims 4 did one hell of a good job but I would've liked some limitations to them like in Sims 2, as weird as that sounds. I also liked Sims 3's way of giving children at least a little interaction with magic.

So in short this is a tie for me.

But that's just my opinion, let me know what you think.

I'm planning for my next video to be focused on spells but it's so much I don't even know if it's possible in a short video, I'll let you know how that goes.


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