Mike Tyson DESTROYS Boxer for Muhammed Ali!

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Shared April 19, 2020

๐ŸŒ Join us as we take a look back at how Iron Mike Tyson kept his promise to get revenge for Muhammad Ali's losses to Trevor Berbick and Larry Holmes

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By the time Muhammad Ali fought his old sparring partner Larry Holmes, Ali was well past his prime days and had no longer the sting of a bee.


๐ŸฅŠ As a young 14 year old mike Tyson sat down to watch his idol get defeated badly at the theater, Mike was stunned at what happened and didnโ€™t say a word on his journey back home.

The following day, Mike would hear his trainer Cus Dโ€™amato shouting at the phone.
It was him and Ali, Cus asked Ali how he could let a bum beat up on him!

Mike hearing all this went downstairs to see what was going onโ€ฆ
Shortly after, cus would hand the phone to Mike and told him he got weak and is going to return!
A sobbing mike told Muhammed Ali, when I get big Imma get him for youโ€ฆ

So, will Mike Tyson get revenge for Muhammad Ali?
Let's first take a look back at Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes and then Mike Tyson vs Trevor Berbick, followed by Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes!


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