Explaining Why Vessels Wear Cloaks | Hollow Knight Lore

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Shared June 10, 2020

Have you ever wondered why the Knight wears a cloak? I have too, so I decided to try figuring it out!

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Thank yous are said at the end of the video, but a special thank you to Sumwan, MolaMolasses, and Toxicbrain0 for looking over this script and making sure I got all my lore right.

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- Hollow Knight OST, created by Christopher Larkin, you can find his music on his bandcamp | https://christopherlarkin.bandcamp.com
- V3 Argument -Blade Lock- (CROSS SWORD) - Instrumental Mix Cover (Danganronpa) | created by Vetrom | https://youtu.be/RqlFl5ClmgA

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00:00​ Intro Segment
03:02​ Dying in Hollow Knight
06:05​ Fashion in Hallownest
06:34​ Cloak-like Biological Offshoots
07:41​ A Vessel’s Cloak
12:54​ Vessel Creation
24:13​ Inherited Traits
29:30​ The Imprisoned Lady
42:30​ Tying the Pieces Together
47:36​ Outro Segment
49:24​ Why Team Cherry hasn’t Released a New Blogpost