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Genre: Film & Animation

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Shared May 14, 2020

Player is trapped inside their house with Tommy during the a̶p̶o̶c̶a̶l̶y̶p̶s̶e̶ quarantine. Chaos ensues.
Hee ho heY I'm back with some more content!! Finally! After all these years,,, I bring you,,,,,, 34 seconds of cursed OC goodness. These are a pair of characters that I share with one of my friends, and I realized while listening to some WOY songs that it was very fitting for the two of them, so over the course of three weeks, this monster of a project was born!
I know it's quite short compared to my other work, but I did happen to learn a ton about my editor, which will help the quality of future videos! It also got me back into the animatic mood, so I know I'm gonna start pumping these out over the summer like nobody's business hehe.
Thanks for watching, and I hope you guys are looking forward to future content as much as I am ^^

Song: Best Friends Forever from Wander Over Yonder
Characters: Tommy, Player and Bradford (OCs)