Lightning Fast Quarry [Explanation, World Download and More]

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Shared September 8, 2018

Hello everyone,
It was a long long journey to come to this point, but it is finally finished! The lightning fast quarry is done and ready to be used in survival. This project took me probably well over a 100 hours and in total took even more man-hours, but it is well worth it. The quarry is both 'simple' and fast. I want to thanks 2no2name, Xcom, Rays and Pingu for helping me. The basic concept is mine, and I worked on it a lot in the start, I mainly got a lot of help in when refining the project. So you can thank the following guys for having such a refined quarry:


A few things I missed in this already long video: 2No2Name did point out that I could use terracotta in stead of pistons in the return of the block grabber flying machine.
It would be possible to make the quarry faster by not using a flying machine to push the block grabber into the stone. There were some people saying I should do this, but IMO this is not worth it. It would shave of 40 seconds per layer. This means that you finish 3000 blocks in 5 days in stead of in 7 days. It might be nice that you save two days, but it would take more then 48 man-hours to build a quarry that would push the block grabbers into the stone instantly (at least if you use a decent size version). Also, it is probably impossible to prepare the needed area for the quarry (5 blocks at the bottom, strips on both sides, remove immovable blocks, etc) at the same speed as the quarry is moving. This also makes it kinda pointless to make the quarry faster if this means more build effort.

Some earlier overworld quarries, which I kinda used for inspiration:
Mango's 11 block quarry:
PallaPalla's quarry tech:

World download: