DNR Officer Harasses Subaru Driver on Ice

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Shared January 14, 2021

Building a drift track on the frozen lake with and taking our cars on it!

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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice

Maverick X3 on Thin Ice

Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice

Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice

Subaru WRX on Thin Ice

DNR Officer Harasses Subaru Driver on Ice

In todays video, we plow a track on the frozen lake and then stud the tires of Micah's Subaru WRX to test out on the frozen thin ice! We take Kens Focus RS and our Maverick X3 out too!! Later a DNR officer comes and tells us to stop. We also give you guys a tour of our shop as it is being remodeled!