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The New Internet

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Shared May 1, 2021

After spending 2020 coding, the New Internet Toolbar (Version 0.0.1) is finally here. This is a live demonstration of the toolbar.

The New Internet offers an alternative to the Ratings & Attention Economy. It removes the perverse incentives of ratings-based advertising and creates a system where an author's score is based on the importance and credibility of their digital content. This score has real, tangible value, since it reflects both the accuracy of online content, and the credibility of all authors/users on platform (as well as their areas of expertise).
Thus, the score (denominated in Webcoins) can be exchanged for fiat money at the market exchange rate.

Users can also invest Webcoins in research and investigative journalism projects (in exchange for a share of the resulting product). Thus promoting independent and unbiased science and journalism (further strengthening the value of platform).

-- The code for Version 0.0.1 of the New Internet Toolbar is available as Open Source on Github here:

-- See Frequency Asked Questions on the New Internet Platform here:

-- If you know how to code and would like to join in the effort of developing the New Internet people contact me

-- Feedback of the project would be greatly appreciated.