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Shared December 31, 2020

This video explains the Warhammer Titan, which is the newest titan shifter to be mentioned in the Attack on Titan. It was first referenced during episode 2 of the final season and is known to be possessed by a member of the Tybur family. Since the “great titan war”, the warhammer has not been used in battle and this is partly the reason why the Tybur family is respected worldwide. Today we’ll examine the Warhammer’s strengths, weaknesses and its various designs throughout history.

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00:00​ Strengths & Weaknesses
02:50​ Warhammer Titan Design
04:18​ Who has the Warhammer?

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The warhammer titan is able to use a special type of hardening, that let’s it create a variety of weapons. In the series so far, it has created a trident, whip, crossbow, hammer and sword. This titan can also cause structures to shoot out of the ground, such as this giant pillar that it made to skewer another titan and spikes which attack their opponent.

This type of hardening is special because it actually has a degree of flexibility, as shown when it created a titan crossbow, which requires elastic titan string to make it functional. Normal hardening (eg. the armored titan or female titan) does not work that way.

The warhammers’ other ability, is that the user does not have to reside in the nape of the titan. Instead, the user of the warhammer titan user can choose to encase themselves in a crystal (just like the one that Annie is in) and then remotely control the titan whilst inside. There’s a cable connects the body of the warhammer to the person in the crystal, but the downside is that if the cable is cut, then the warhammer immediately loses connection and becomes lifeless. If that happens, the user can still just generate another cable which will create a new warhammer titan, but obviously that new cable would still be vulnerable to being cut. Contrarily, the crystal is virtually impossible to break into, which protects the user.

Now, this titans weakness is that if it creates too many structures in a short space of time, then it will use up it’s stamina and be unable to make anything else. General Magath outright said that the power of the warhammer is quickly exhausted and we saw this play out during it’s first appearance in the series.

With that said, the warhammer’s design has several unique features and thanks to some throwbacks in the manga, we’ve gotten glimpses of different warhammers throughout history. One thing they have in common is that their flesh is covered in a thin layer of special hardening, with space for the eyes and mouth to be seen.

The markings on the back of the warhammer titans neck are reminiscent of the markings that appear on normal titan shifters faces, which is probably intentional. The user of the warhammer never gets any markings because they are encased inside a crystal, so judging by the similarity here I’d say it was a visual choice to put similar lines on the warhammer titan itself.

Additionally, another thing that makes this titan stand out is the fact it’s body doesn’t have to materialise from the neck like other titans do. Instead the Warhammer’s body materialises from whichever body part the cable is connected to. In the trailer for AOT season 4, we see that it takes shape from the bottom up and that’s because the cable is attahched to it’s foot in that moment.