I made a BETTER Prison than Pandora's Vault on the Dream SMP (inescapable)

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Shared February 18, 2021

►This is a truly inescapable Prison. Poseidon's Vault is a reference to Pandora's Vault on the Dream SMP server, where they built a nearly unescapable prison trap. Keyword: nearly. So i decided to upgrade pandora's Vault so it is absolutely secure and you cant break out of it. THIS is Poseidon's Vault. I just upgraded Pandoras Vault

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00:00​ Can you build a truly inescapable prison?
00:51​ How does Pandoras Vault function?
01:14​ What's inside Pandoras Vault?
01:42​ How to escape Pandoras Vault
02:25​ How to break out of a prison
03:02​ My first design - didn't work
04:00​ Poseidons Vault -The inescapable Prison
04:28​ How to enter the prison
05:56​ The prisoners cell
07:43​ The control rooms
09:10​ How to build a Keycard Lock in Minecraft
10:03​ Extra security measurements
11:09​ The visiting process
12:00​ Is it really inescapable?
12:35​ Outro + Bloopers

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