ThinkPad T430s osboot install (free BIOS/UEFI replacement based on coreboot)

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Leah Rowe

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Shared April 22, 2021

In this video, I remove the 16MiB WSON8 25xx NOR flash containing Lenovo UEFI boot firmware on a ThinkPad T430s, and replace it with 16MiB SOIC8 25xx NOR flash (Winbond W25Q128FVSIG) containing osboot with neutered ME and GNU GRUB payload (with SeaBIOS and Tianocore available in the boot menu).

osboot is free software ( sometimes referred to as open source, but see GNU website for reasons why you should say free software: ). osboot replaces the proprietary boot firmware (e.g. bios/uefi) with free software based on coreboot, for initializing the hardware in your computer, bringing it to a usable state where you can boot an operating system such as GNU+Linux or BSD (Windows is also supported, if you use Tianocore UEFI payload provided by osboot).

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