Interlude IV Animatic | Hollow Knight Gijinka[SPOILERS]

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Genre: Gaming

License: TuneCore (on behalf of Zach Callison), and 5 Music Rights Societies

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Shared May 7, 2020

Came here for hollow knight? Came here for musicals? i made a thing.

Ive seen HK videos with this song and oh man it fits so well. So i tried making my own thing(if thats ok). I tried putting my gijinka designs into animations(animatic to be exact) so this vid is just for fun, and also a way to try the audio in flipaclip(still having trouble with it, exported vid doesnt seem to synch? or is it just me??). I hope the characters is still recognizable.

Song: Interlude IV (Showtime) by Zach Callison