1994 - What Americans Thought About Their Money

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David Hoffman

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Shared March 22, 2020

Back in 1994, my team and I got a job from Fidelity to ask people around the country (man and woman on the street) what they thought about their savings, investments, their future, security, Wall Street, the stock market, bonds, real estate, etc. At the time, I didn't know much about investing and wasn't in the stock market. Looking back on it, things seemed brighter and more optimistic when these folks looked at the future, then things seem today. I'd love to ask all of these people (the releases have been lost) in the present what happened to their hopes and dreams and investments and faith in the markets. I remember that Peter Lynch who appears in this documentary was considered a great investment manager during that time and helped build the Fidelity Investments brand. And it is amazing how many people are looking at this video provoked by Gamestop or #wallstreetbets‚Äč.