Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Legendary Weapons?

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Shared November 18, 2019

The way Fallout 4 handles unique weapons is a significant departure from the ways of Fallout 3 or New Vegas. There are still unique weapons you can earn from quests or find in the world, but they’ve largely been replaced by Legendary weapons with random effects that drop from tougher foes. Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Legendary Weapons?

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Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Legendary Weapons? (in text form)

I ignored Codsworth, named myself, Legengary, and started assigning SPECIAL points. Because all weapons types can be used, there isn’t one specific stat that’s more important than others. I still drained Charisma and put a lot of points into Intelligence to level up faster, but the rest are pretty spread out. I used my invisible legs to push a tricycle into the river as an experiment to see if it would still be there 200 years later, saw the nuclear mushroom, took a nap, had a nightmare, woke up, used my patented close the doors technique to avoid the roaches, and escaped the vault. I forgot to see if the tricycle was still there, maxed out Intelligence, and got to work scrapping every object known to man. Now’s the time to explain what qualifies as a Legendary weapon.

For the purposes of this challenge, a Legendary Weapon is anything that has a legendary weapon effect, but they don’t necessarily need to have a prefix to be a legendary weapon. Kellogg’s Pistol refills your Action Points when you get a Critical Hit, which is the Relentless legendary effect. It doesn’t have Relentless in its name but is still a legendary weapon. If you happen to disagree with me, that’s okay. Feel free to dislike the video.

After scrapping damn near everything I could find, I got to work laying down all the wood poles in the world. Almost 1000 of them, to level myself up a few times. It took several minutes to do and leveled me up about 4 times. The first few perks I picked were like my first wife, useful to have on occasion but you wouldn’t be losing much by not taking them. Next came the task of getting my paws on a Legendary weapon. They’re usually more powerful than your standard weapons which makes them not the easiest thing in the world to obtain. I figured the smartest option would be to work with the Brotherhood early on. Completing the ArcJet quest gets you a Legendary Weapon. On my way to the police station, I encountered Wolfgang and convinced him to open fire on Trudy, hoping that they’d all end each other to give me something to laugh about. God wasn’t thrilled with my quest for blood and sought to smite us all with heavy doses of radiation as punishment for my evil ways.

Danse and nobody else with a name worth mentioning fought off the ghouls outside the police station, I ransacked their pockets for Chuck E Cheese tokens, Danse and I waddled our way to Arcjet, and the nothing continued. I’m effectively a soundboard at this point, how many times can I say the same things over and over again. Why are you even watching this? You already know what the answer is. Danse ended everything in his path until we got to the Reactor area and I did something… stupid. I activated the rocket test and ran outside the blast room before it went off. In an intriguing twist, standing 10ft away from a rocket propulsion test turns your body into something that resembles melted ice cream tossed into a forest fire. One time I missed the jump to safety, so I took the blast like a man and ended like a mouse. A few attempts later, I managed to get to safety, Danse unfortunately didn’t turn into paste, I snagged the Deep Range Transmitter, we left Arcjet, and I got my first Legendary Weapon