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The Red Plumbob

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Shared May 24, 2017

Hello everyone!

This is a brief comparison on the most important aspects of plant sims in the latest 3 Sim games.

Plant Sims were introduced in Sims 2 with seasons as some sort of epidemic if you ask me because your sim becomes one just if they overuse pesticides...quite interesting huh? Their name is pretty self explanatory...They're a plant simulator...And it seems people like them because ever since Sims 2 they've been making a comeback, the most recent was about a month ago when EA gave them as a challenge with the latest patch. Basically you had to talk to plant Sims to get beans to get a portal to look for the forbidden fruit, at least that's what I've seen...But I didn't do the challenge to be honest...Oops? Remember since this is free content it's very short and some say they make a comeback but no one knows for sure.

So anyways, here's the comparison and I hope I didn't let anything important out.

My opinion?

Sims 2: These came with seasons and I like how they made this as some sort of punishment for using pesticides..Although, I can only imagine you have to do this on purpose since you have to use them about 15 times! So a plant Sim is no accident if you ask me...but I like the concept, what I don't like is that their life is SO much shorter than a normal Sim's. But their abilities are good enough and they're fun to control.

Sims 3: This time they came with University and they're some sort of "failed" experiment, this is the introduction of the forbidden fruit and every Sim who dares to eat it will become a plant Sim. I do like their abilities here better than in Sims 2 and I like how they keep their lifespan with 6 stages and 3 unique outfits for Plant Sims.

Sims 4: I guess this one was supposed to be fun because of the challenge but if I were them I would've let the challenge be a thing..forever (the other games kinda had them as a challenge because being a plant sim is not easy). Now the only way to get them is with cheats and they don't get special clothing or special abilities...just special...hair? and needs. It's a little short in comparison to its predecessors but then again it's free. I just hope they take them into consideration for future expansions...maybe in seasons they'll have more interactions or they'll very useful to keep plants alive on a dry summer or something. But one can only hope...

So for me it'd be Sims 3's clothing, lifespan and abilities mixed with Sims 2's interactions and ways to reproduce (I love making babies that easily)

But that's just my opinion, be sure to share yours ;)

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