Improving Clay Soil WITH GOPHERS || CREATING HEALTHY SOIL With Small Mammals || Permaculture Soil

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Shared April 8, 2021

Create healthy soil with small mammals the permaculture way! Improve clay soil with gophers or moles by herding them around your precious plants, meanwhile creating soil structure and increasing water infiltration and fertility. If you're looking for ways to improve topsoil with moles or gophers using permaculture, this video will show you how.

❓❓❓ Have any other techniques for deterring gophers and moles?

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Do we need to be afraid?
0:37 Human-gopher relations
1:12 What do gophers tell us about our soil?
1:28 How do gophers improve soil?
1:32 #1: Decompaction
2:08 #2: Water infiltration
2:35 #3: Fertilization
3:01 HERDING GOPHERS or How To Protect Plants From Digging Animals The Permaculture Way
3:38 THE STOMP...
3:48 ...AND TINKLE!
4:14 Results
5:00 In plain English
6:36 Permaculture observations

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