All Trailers From The Sims 1 To Sims 4 (2000-2020)

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Eoin Playz

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Shared March 10, 2020

I do not own any of the trademarks, videos or any of the songs appearing in this video. No copyright infringement intended. The Sims logos, the Plumbob logo, EA logos and Maxis logo belong to their respective owners.

Hey Guys I thought I Thought I would Come to You With a Special Video in Which I have Combined All the Sims Trailers into one massive video at firt i just wanted to do this but because the Sims has turned 20 years old i now have a reason to really do it. Yes i know this has been done before but not with the Sims 4 but anyway enjoy!

EA Official UK
The Sims
Electronic Arts
Game Spot Trailers
Cultivated Productions
Tommy Drouin
WonderShare Filmora 9

*This Was Made With WonderShare Filmora 9*

'Welcome To Your Life'-Performed By Group
'Beatiful Now'-zedd feat. Joon Bellion
'Firework'-Katy Perry
'TimeBomb'-All Time Low
'Last Friday Night'-Katy Perry
'Get It Right'-Oh Honey
'Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)'-New Politics
'Made In Gold'-Nova Rockafeller
'Im In Love With My Life'-Phases
'Stop Desire'-Tegan And Sara
'Snakes'Performed By ZZ Ward
“Fire Escape” performed by Andrew McMahon -
"Blood In The Cut-Performed By ZZ Flay

Tommy Drouin-
The Sims-
Official EA Uk-
Electronic Arts:
GameSpot Trailers:
Cultivated Productions:

Time Stamps (in order of release) :

The Sims: 0:00:22
The Sims:Livin'Large: 0:01:34
The Sims:House Party: 0:02:26
The Sims:Hot Date: 0:03:18
The Sims:Vacation: 0:04:20
The Sims:Unleashed: 0:05:25
The Sims:Superstar: 0:06:24
The Sims:Makin'Magic: 0:07:34

The Sims 2: 0:08:50
The Sims 2:University: 0:10:38
The Sims 2:Nightlife: 0:12:00
The Sims 2:Open for Buissness: 0:13:38
The Sims 2:Family Fun Stuff: 0:15:20
The Sims 2:Pets: 0:16:17
The Sims 2:Glamour Life Stuff 0:18:34
The Sims 2:Happy Holiday Stuff: 0:19:39
The Sims 2:Seasons: 0:20:49
The Sims 2:Celebration Stuff :0:22:34
The Sims 2H&M Fashion Stuff: 0:23:22
The Sims 2:Bon Voyage: 0:24:47
The Sims 2:Teen Style Stuff: 0:26:22
The Sims 2:Free Time: 0:27:24
The Sims 2:Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff: 0:29:45
The Sims 2:IKEA Stuff: 0:31:33
The Sims 2:Apartment Life: 0:33:05
The Sims 2:Mansion & Garden Stuff: 0:35:13

The Sims 3: 0:36:33
The Sims 3:World Adventures: 0:38:01
The Sims 3:Highend loft Stuff: 0:39:02
The Sims 3:Ambitions: 0:40:06
The Sims 3:Fast Lane Stuff: 0:41:22
The Sims 3:Late Night: 0:42:28
The Sims 3:OutDoor Living Stuff: 0:43:23
The Sims 3:Generations: 0:44:34
The Sims 3:Town Life Stuff: 0:46:49
The Sims 3:Pets: 0:48:04
The Sims 3:Master Suite Stuff: 0:49:35
The Sims 3:Showtime: 0:51:07
The Sims 3:Katy Perry Sweet Treats: 0:53:43
The Sims 3:Diesel Stuff: 0:53:49
The Sims 3:Supernatural: 0:55:03
The Sims 3:Seasons: 0:56:18
The Sims 3:70's 80"s & 90's Stuff: 0:57:49
The Sims 3:University: 0:59:05
The Sims 3:Island Paradise: 1:00:35
The Sims 3 Movie Night Stuff: 1:02:02
The Sims 3:Into The Future: 1:05:42

The Sims 4: 1:07:23
The Sims 4:Out Door Retreat: 1:09:01
The Sims 4:Get To Work: 1:10:24
The Sims 4:Luxury Party Stuff: 1:11:42
The Sims 4:Perfect Patio Stuff: 1:12:45
The Sims 4:Spa Day: 1:13:49
The Sims 4:Cool Kitchen Stuff: 1:15:03
The Sims 4:Spooky Stuff: 1:15:01
The Sims 4:Get Together: 1:17:00
The Sims 4:Movie Night Stuff: 1:18:18
The Sims 4:Romantic Garden Stuff: 1:19:05
The Sims 4:Dine Out: 1:19:56
The Sims 4:Kids Room Stuff: 1:21:04
The Sims 4:Backyard Stuff: 1:22:00
The Sims 4:City Living: 1:23:04
The Sims 4:Vintage Glamour Stuff: 1:24:26
The Sims 4:Toddlers(Free Update): 1:25:29
The Sims 4:Vampires: 1:25:58
The Sims 4:Bowling Night Stuff: 1:26:52
The Sims 4:Parent Hood: 1:27:40
The Sims 4:Fitness Stuff: 1:28:45
The Sims 4:Toddler Stuff: 1:29:36
The Sims 4:Cats & Dogs: 1:30:19
The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff: 1:31:47
The Sims 4:Jungle Adventure: 1:32:59
The Sims 4:My First Pet Stuff: 1:33:31
The Sims 4:Seasons: 1:34:18
The Sims 4:Get Famous: 1:35:36
The Sims 4:StrangerVille: 1:36:31
The Sims 4:Island Living: 1:37:42
The Sims 4:The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff: 1:38:47
The Sims 4:Realm Of Magic: 1:39:29
The Sims 4:Discover University: 1:40:36
The Sims 4:Tiny Living Stuff: 1:41:52