Songs of the SMP - Derivakat [Dream SMP Album]

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Shared February 26, 2021

Songs of the SMP is out on all streaming platforms! Thank you SO MUCH for all the support this community has shown me over the past couple of weeks, it means the world to me that you enjoy my songs!

Stream the album:
Music by Derivakat
Thumbnail and video art by Jaze
Special thanks to Kiba and Yuki

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Derivakat social media:

Timestamps and links to individual songs:
0:00​ Ain't No Crying
2:36​ Syndicate
5:05​ Welcome Home
8:48​ Blue
11:16​ In My Head
13:53​ Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye
17:00​ Turn Back Time
19:06​ 4AM
Do not use or reupload my work without my permission. You can use my Dream SMP songs in your video or animatic as long as you give proper credit in the description.