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Shared July 17, 2020

(WARNING) This video contains huge spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga up to chapter 188 !!

- Hello and welcome back to SADNESS in 3 1/2 MINUTES :')! Sorry for the delay in getting this up, I ended up going back and polishing alot of the artwork in the video to make it as visually appealing as possible haha. This one took another two months of blood, sweat, and (lots of) tears, but I'm overall super happy with the result! I love love l o v e KNY and the manga ending had me in my feelings so I thought it would be fitting to make an emotional video about it to pay it tribute in some capacity.

Evidently, death is quite common in this series, but honestly that's part of what makes Demon Slayer's world so captivating. Instead of just being a lazy way to make a backstory edgy or attempt to pull at heartstrings, death feels like a highly present and universal thing in KNY's universe. Virtually every character has already faced loss, what makes them interesting is how each of them grapple with it and end up perceiving the world as a result. This also makes the series' themes of humanity and the value of life all the more effective. In short, I really do love this series, and while I do think it didn't quite stick the landing, it's definitely worth checking out if this video or description piques your interest at all. :)
And finally, I wanted to mention that a few of the frames in this video are heavily inspired by panels from the manga. Gotouge (the series' author) is fantastic at creating panels with lots of movement and emotion, so I tried to replicate that in a handful of the frames pictured, just using my own style to capture it instead. Check out the manga, their art and improvement over the years is insane!

Also I'm gonna be starting uni in the fall, which I'm super excited for but also a bit sad for since I'll have less time to work on projects like this. I will try to make one more thing before the semester starts though! And when I inevitably create animations and whatnot for my BFA I will be sure to share them here.

Thank you all so much for your support, and enjoy the video! :)

Programs used
Paint Tool SAI for drawing frames
Filmora 10 and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing