♦ Sims1 vs Sims2 vs Sims 3 vs Sims 4: VooDoo Doll

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The Red Plumbob

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Shared July 15, 2020

Hi, this is a comparison of the evolution of VooDoo Dolls through the games. I was actually surprised Sims 1 had one because it's a tiny object I hadn't noticed before.

VooDoo Dolls are not something I use a lot in my gameplay so it was fun seeing all their capabilities. Do you use them a lot? What do you think about them?

My opinion?

Sims 1 was firstly introduced in Livin' Large had a very basic start, the doll was only meant to torment others for your Sims fun and the victim looks in pain so it was certainly dark

Sims 2 's came in Bon Voyage and it brought nice additions like being able to affect their relationships and tortures which were more than just making them uncomfortable, I also like how this time it's a reward, do people just find this stuff when playing normally? It would've never occurred to me to dig around for a map

Sims 3 was in The Store in the More Magic! Set but you can always buy it separately, this one introduced binding it and some old spells from Sims 1 and it's actually dangerous if it fails

Sims 4 is the only one that came with the base game so that's a big plus, it just adds moodlets so that's a downer but I do like how now there's a way to revive Sims with it, summoning them is also better than just calling someone, I guess lol

So to me they all have something to offer, but that's just my opinion, what about yours?