EREN vs REINER!! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Breakdown

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Shared December 27, 2020

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This video explains episode 4 of Attack on Titan season 4, including Eren confronting Reiner and the introduction of Willy Tybur. During this episode, we get to see Falco beginning to surpass Gabi on his quest to become the next armoured titan and he finally reveals his feelings to her. Meanwhile, Mr Kruger (aka Eren) has been in contact with his “family” and plans to leave Marley after the festival. Willy Tybur also promotes commander Magath to the rank of General.

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Attack on titan season 4 episode 3 was called The Door of Hope and it starts off with Reiner back at his childhood home in Liberio. As he lies on his bed, he begins to reminisce about the past and we see a younger Reiner struggling through the intense training to become a warrior candidate. The anime left this part out, but in the manga, Reiner watched on as Bertolt, Annie and Marcel were selected to be candidates before he was, which emphasised that Reiner was the least skilled of the eventual warrior candidates.

Attack on titan season 4 episode 4 was called From One Hand to Another and it picks off immediately after Falco and Eren’s conversation in AOT S4 episode 3. Eren asks Falco to do him a favour and deliver a letter on his behalf. Falco was feeling a bit hopeless before his conversation with Eren but after hearing what Eren had to say about moving forward, Falco now feels super motivated and is ready to try and surpass Gabi.

The anime then moves over to military headquarters, as the Tybur family makes a surprise visit. The Tybur’s are a wealthy family of Eldians, who are respected around the world because their ancestors helped destroy the eldian empire. They are the possessors of the Warhammer titan and willy tyber is the current head of the family. In the past 100 years they have never used the Warhammer titan against another nation, which is partly why other countries are willing to listen to them when they choose to say something.

During his visit, Willy chooses to speak to Commander Magath, who is the guy that manages the warrior unit. We know that Willy specifically wanted to speak to him because he arranged for Magath’s superior officer to not be there at headquarters, so they could have this meeting. Throughout their conversation it was clear that Willy already had a high opinion of the commander and even asks him to guess which family member has the Warhammer titan.

Magath believes that the Tybur’s are secretly in control of the country and are therefore the reason that Marley is always invading other nations. Willy confirms that Magath is correct in that the Tybur’s do control Marley, however they gave Marley the freedom to do what it wanted. That’s the reason why war is so common, because the tybur’s didn’t interfere as Marley put their fellow eldians into cages and then used as tools of war.

Falco later meets up with Mr Krueger and thanks him for giving him the motivation to surpass Gabi. While Falco doesn’t think he’ll actually be able to get the armoured titan, he still believes he has to keep moving forward and try his hardest. Eren replies that he should be the one thanking Falco, as by this point the kid has sent a bunch of letters on Eren’s behalf. The anime didn’t do a good job of making this clear, but a month passed between the first letter that Falco delivered at the start and this current day where he beat Gabi. Eren reveals that after the festival is over, he’ll be returning home.

Episode 4 ends on the following day, in which the festival finally gets underway, as a bunch of entertainment and food from outside the internment zone have come into the zone for the first time. As the clock ticks down to Willy Tybur’s stage production on the threat of Paradis island, Udo reveals that Falco isn’t there yet because he bumped into someone he knew. Falco frantically appears and asks Reiner to come with him because he has a surprise to show him. They walk round the corner before Falco leads him down the stairs into an ominous looking room. Once there, we see Reiner’s look of disbelief, as he comes face to face with his worst nightmare, Eren Yaeger.