We Tried An Easy-Bake Oven For The First Time

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Safiya & Tyler

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Shared April 13, 2021

Hello friends! Here is our livestream from this week (4/13)!

This week we’re playing with toys that we weren’t allowed to have as kids, starting off with the Easy Bake Oven! We're going to be making an adorable, tiny, two-layer cake as well as a tiny cheese pizza! Will the food we make actually be edible?

Shoutout to Trixie Mattel's Easy Bake Oven video series, you can check one out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPgP2...

Catch us live every Tuesday at 5PM EST! :)

0:00​ Intro
8:19​ Layered Cake Begins
23:55​ Pizza Begins
35:56​ Pizza Toppings
46:20​ Pizza Assembly
1:06:37​ Second Cake Layer
1:14:24​ Fun Facts
1:23:58​ Pizza Taste Test
1:30:17​ Frosting Begins
1:39:12​ Cake Taste Test
1:42:40​ Outro