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The Red Plumbob

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Shared February 3, 2019

Hey everyone, long time no see, here's a very brief comparison of the celebrities in The Sims games, this is the first of these videos where every game is here except Sims 2, why is that? Because Sims 2 has nothing like this, I was gonna just include Sims 3 and Sims 4 but I visited Sims 1 and there was some neat stuff so I thought it'd be nice to show this as an evolution / comparison.

Superstar, Late Night and Get Famous are too different to be compared as a whole so I won't be comparing those packs but I can focus on the small stuff. If I talk about the worlds they introduced it'd be unfair to both Sims 1 and 4 since it's clear the world wasn't their priority, it even feels unfair to compare fame in Sims 3 cause it's clear that wasn't their focus since Late Night added SO MUCH CONTENT it's obvious the fame aspect was just an afterthought. That's why I felt celebrities were the only thing that could begin to be comparable.

That being said

I'm still unsure if I'm going to be making a FAME comparison to compare what fame is like in these games, I have most of it recorded but it's just too much, I'm still unsure if I'll keep working on it until it's shorter, divide it or just leave it at celebrities. If I do upload it it'll be within this month so stay tuned!

Tell me what you think from this comparison, have you been having fun with celebrities in the sims 4? I know I have.

My opinion?

Sims 1 felt very competent in this comparison if you ask me, it had some solid interactions as well as celebrities themselves, I like how they made some real life celebrities and even though you can barely distinguish their face it gives a nice touch.

Sims 3 was pretty good, the world they introduced in Late Night is my favorite but talking about celebrities they were...okay. I loved their houses and I was thinking of showcasing them but since Sims 1 had no celebrity homes and Sims 4 had only 2 I dropped it.

Sims 4 combined a little bit of previous games, specially Sims 3, I liked the celebrity interactions and felt they were good enough. I loved the throwbacks to Sims 2 making Dustin and Dirk celebrities.

In conclusion, I have no favorites, it's a perfect tie for me.

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