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The Red Plumbob

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Shared July 1, 2020

Hello, I thought this would be one of the first video to come out after discover university anounced servos but life happens, this is a not so brief comparison of Servos, Simbots and Plumbots in The Sims, I was meant to call this robots but if I were to mention every robot this video would never end.

Servos are humanoid robots, and they've come a long way, from a simple object kinda like bonehilda all the way to a playable life state, fun fact, Simbots are the predecessors of Simbots while Plumbots are their successors, given that Sims 3 is set in the past but plumbots are from the future.

Anyways, what do you think about servos? Do you like them?

My opinion:

Sims 1 Servos were basically a very convenient object, once you had them they replace almost every service, they're very useful and barely break so that's a big plus.

Sims 2 were a lot like Sims themselves, but Sims that couldn't get near water, they were a neat addition and I see they evolved from Sims 1, from now on they'll be playable and I like them better this way, I like little details like them wearing formal attire, their breakdown is the most consequential and they help around with free will.

Sims 3's were a very interesting twist, when Simbots arrived I barely used them, I thought they were interesting enough but they barely played different than Sims, but Plumbots are a whole other deal since they have interesting gameplay, they feel different enough from Sims but remain as playable. I also really enjoy the fact that you can customize them way more than the rest.

Sims 4's Servos were kind of a step down from plumbots (which makes sense in the lore) and they were fun additions but I didn't find myself playing with them a lot, once you unlock all the enhancements they're basically Sims who may assist you, it's cool that they have a unique death tho, also, I like their animation and how their eyes reflect their emotion.

So for me, it's not Sims 3 but Plumbots that won, but that's just my opinion, what do you guys think? Which is your favorite iteration?


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