DroneBot Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop!

The DroneBot Workshop is the place where I work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and lots of other cool microcontrollers, components, and sensors.

This is a channel for learning and understanding. While I do build projects, most episodes focus on showing you HOW things work, so you can use the information to bring your own designs to life.

Every video has a corresponding article on my website at http://dronebotworkshop.com , along with the diagrams and code samples you’ll need to build your own creations. You can also participate in discussions on my Forum at https://forum.dronebotworkshop.com.

Please note that I no longer do any sponsored videos, enquiries for these will be ignored!

If you'd like to know more about me or the DroneBot Workshop you can read the FAQ at https://dronebotworkshop.com/about-dronebot-workshop/faq/

And if you have technical questions please ask them on the Forum.

Welcome to the Workshop! I hope you enjoy your stay!