Me being sad-ist :)

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Hi again. Most of you are probably wondering where's the next video since it been more than a month without an upload. Just wanted to let you know (especially those that dont check up on my twitter or patreon updates) that the video had been delayed due to school. But as of now, ive been working on it constantly just as when christmas break came in. So dont worry, the animation is now in progress :) As of date of publish, i dont have an accurate answer. This goes to all of my future videos, so i wont answer when will it upload. ( so make sure to click the bell haha lol ;) ) I wanted this to be polished and high quality as possible so i will be taking my time on this one, and i want everyone of you to enjoy it ^^ Thank you very much for the patience and support. I hope you have a wonderful christmas and a great holiday <3

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Hi :) Please don't compare artists to other artists. Saying "sad-ist copycat" or "sad-ist is better" in someones art/animatics is completely rude and it discourages artists. Please learn to appreciate their hardwork. And if you dont, you are free to ignore it and leave quietly. Thank you

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I'm gonna try baiting more people by saying... "I made a short test animatic for fun and it's on my patreon: "

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Ey der! :D I just wanted to know if you guys liked the Technoblade design in my latest video (if you haven't seen it, i recomend watching it, it's Dream vs Techno animation o_o). I was wondering if you'd like me to use that design in future animatics.

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UPGRADE-- I've been grinding on this for a month straight :') Coming soon...

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Today is a really great day :) i love you all

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I'll TRY premiering something in the next few hours... see you :) Edit: Sorry, i wasnt satisfied with the video(the music feels off sync) so i'll be editing it in a bit. brb

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Oh look hamilton... Soon :)

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