Target Star


This channel is all about games in video games. The content in this channel has been edited by me.

This is my full-time job and my job is to bring you the highest quality and high standard editing Brawl Stars videos with unique, meaningful and fun content. Creating these videos is much more difficult and time-consuming than you think, but it's what makes us, and hopefully you, Enjoy!

Brawl Stars is a massively multiplayer phone game.

My weekly process, step by step:

• We take the best clips from your sent (our website)
• Editing and syncing clips with the addition of music and subtitles / Sound Effects-Premiere Pro (5-10 hours)
• Descriptions, Thumbnails etc. (4 hours)

We upload 5+ videos a week. I hope you enjoy our content.
Thank you :)

In case you're wondering how we made a video:

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