The Hoax Hotel

Welcome to The Hoax Hotel! A striking, comedy-stuffed channel filled with prank calls to scammer scumbags of all forms. I love trolling scammers to their pathetic little cores while wasting ALL their time, so please subscribe and enjoy your stay! What kind of scammers do I call? Each and every: Tech Support Scammers - Yes IRS Scammers - Most definitely Police Scammers - Yersh Pet Scammers - Absolutely Federal Grant Scammers - Duh Loan Scammers - Obviously Instagram/Twitter Scammers - Mm hmm Lottery Scammers - Yup 419/Advance-Fee Scammers - Oh yes please Electric Bill Scammers - Send 'em to me Rental Scammers - I will find you Gift Card Scammers - For sure (are you interested in hundred dollar gift mugus?)