Enforcer XV

Hello there, I'm Alex. My channel is a variety focus; so I do multiple different kinds of videos. Lots of them are video game related while others are focused on anime. Sometimes I make reviews, do voice acting, AMVs, compilations, and a lot more. Really, it's a mixed bag you walked into here. I strive for quality over quantity, so do make yourselves at home. Take a seat and relax as you browse through my playlists. I hope you enjoy it here.

|About Me:|

I am a full-time college student devoted to becoming a video game designer, hoping one day his very own games could be made for others to enjoy. I absolutely adore Renne from the Trails series, it's mainly where the name Enforcer XV came from. I am often very busy but I love chatting with others in the comment section of Youtube a lot. I play on Xbox and Steam currently and will attempt to get a PS in the future. I also watch a lot of anime. I hope you decide to stick with my channel, thanks for stopping by!


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Enforcer XV

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