Among us ...are Hats! ...AND an imposter! Can you figure out who it is? Pick your favorite crewmate color or hat, show off your skills and unique style to your friends while completing tasks! Hats such as a Captain, Cheese, Pirate, Spooky or Viking. Get it here: #Ad

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Check out our new channel, GameToons Clips! We will be posting our favorite, funniest clips from the Among Us Logic series daily!

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Hey look, it’s the voice actor for Mr. Cheese reppin’ his Mr. Cheese merch—available at

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Make sure to follow us on Instagram for hilarious compilations of your favorite characters! -

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What mobile games do you guys play? Would you want to see them turned into a video? We're considering doing two animations a week, so it wouldn't change Among Us Logic each week!

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Who's going to be first to subscribe to our new channel?? 👀

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Go get your hands on the Among Us skin pack! 🔥 This cool Among US skin pack was featured in our most recent episode! I’m totally going to play as the Blue Imposter Monster 🔪 and show off my skills!

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Mr. Cheese shirts are back in stock! They sold out in a couple days last time, grab one while they last!

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Who's ready for a new GameToons video? A new one is coming out soon. And it's not Among Us...

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We may be sold out of Mr. Cheese shirts (with the exception of a few extra large shirts), but we still have righteous GameToons hoodies available! Check 'em out! -

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