Bobby Douglas

I've always loved the NBA Draft. As a kid, I always preferred to watch college basketball, but the offseason can get really boring. After One Shining Moment, my mind immediately turns to the NBA Playoffs and, of course, the NBA Draft. I've found that the Draft is the perfect bridge between the college and pro game. I get to mainly watch college basketball while applying it to an NBA context. It is truly the best of both worlds for me. Hopefully this channel provides a new form of YouTube scouting that hasn't really been done by the masses before...watching full games. I've always found highlights to be insufficient in evaluating players. I actually learn more about a player from what isn't in his highlights than what is. Now, I don't expect anyone here to watch every video of every player. Hell, I can't even sit through that. That's why I break up my videos into halves. It's easier for me and for you. So come and watch a little bit, and hopefully you find it all as fascinating as I do.