Hi, I live in Leidschendam, The Netherlands. The main purpose of this channel is to provide restored historic film footage, primarilly from before WW-II for viewers to learn from and enjoy. A lot of historic film material has been digitized with outdated scanners, resulting in wobbly, faint and blurry footage. Nowadays a lot can be achieved as regards enhancing such footage by means of sophisticated software tools, including Artificial Intelligence. This involves motion-stabilisation, speed correction, contrast, brightness and sharpness enhancement, noise reduction, dust and speckle removal, and upscaling to HD with A.I. and recently even colorization!
It is my hobby to get the best possible film restoration results, using my 15 year long experience and knowledge in combination with the latest software. Most films on my channel have undergone a paintstaking and time-consuming four-stage process before uploading the results to youtube. Many of my films are accompanied by CC captions.