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We like good music for the sake of good music over here. I started this channel in an attempt to broaden my musical horizons and explore the best music from around the globe.

So I made a map. This map will be tied to all the reviews I do on this channel. To make it on the map each artist will be evaluated, by me, and I will decide if they ROCK, or not. It's my channel so I get to choose.

So what "rocks"?

Good music rocks. Rap can rock. Country can rock. Anything can rock.

Rock (adj.) - Being of the highest quality or skill. Most enjoyable.

ex: this ice cream rocks! (most enjoyable)
ex: This Celine Dion song rocks! (very high skill)

I have started to build out a Rock Roadmap. My goal is to blanket the globe with pins for music that ROCKS. Leave me comments on my videos about some of the bets bands/artists from areas of the world where there are not yet pins. Together, we will build something cool!



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Happy Thanksgiving!

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