Mr. Foxx Frequency

Hello there! Welcome to my music channel. I only feature mellow music (and am particularly partial to Indie Folk and melancholic tunes) . I don't feature rock , electronica or anything 'loud' . Think of music you would hear in a coffeeshop, or listen to while studying, and you're on the right track. If you'd like to submit your mellow folk music to me to be reviewed for a feature on my channel , I would prefer if you would do so through my Submitbub page, if possible. I had some issues with copyright blocking my playlists in the past , and Submithub provides official permission forms that help prevent this from happening . If you are not on Submithub, I may require whitelisting to share your song. Thanks, and have a great day- Mr. FF


For those who may be curious, my profile title is inspired by 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', by Roald Dahl .

Profile art originally by Andy Westface, edited by myself.