Illustrator & Aspiring Animator | she/her
Hello! I'm Liv, welcome to my channel! I enjoy making illustration-based content, primarily animatics and animations, so that's what you can expect around here. I'm still learning how to animate but I will try to sprinkle some more of that in as I get better :)
Since I'm currently a university student, I don't have a regular upload schedule as of yet, but there will always be a project in the works, so stay tuned!
Thank you all so much for supporting me! I will try my best ( ・u・)9
You may not trace, edit, reproduce or heavily reference my artwork/videos without my permission. Thank you!
I don't take free art requests (no exceptions.)
My commissions are also closed at the moment, but I will make an announcement if they open again.
If you need to reach me, message me through Twitter and I will try to get back to you :)
All of my old accounts (dA, PMC, etc) under my old username are also inactive. Sorry about that!