Carl's Sim Guides

My channel features Sims 4 news, reviews, and game guides. I've been covering The Sims for 10 years now, starting with The Sims 3. I've always been focused on gameplay and strategy. I have a passion for learning how things work and sharing that information with other players. We've had visits from millions of people over the years, so I decided it was time to take my content to YouTube to find a wider audience.

My earlier videos were not great, but thanks to feedback from the wonderful people who visited back then I've improved at a lot of the basics. I'm looking forward to covering The Sims 4's latest expansions, and will summarize every bit of major news that Maxis shares with the community. My livestream summaries have become very popular, as I can whittle down a 30 minute stream into a 5-10 minute and show only the important bits.

I love The Sims and look forward to continuing my journey with it here. My sites will always be important so don't worry - this is not a switch.